Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Macaroons For You

I recently purchased a set of candles from KoKo Candles, these can be bought on at  I got mine on I only bought mine for a dollar including shipping and handling through a special deal, but after getting these in the mail I would be willing to pay the whole price for them.  I purchased the macaroon shaped pink and yellow candles; they were scented as strawberry lemonade.   These candles are also made by hand, and the shop offers several other options ranging from macaroni and cheese to cupcakes.

The first thing I noticed about these candles was the cute box they come in from the company.  The box has KoKo Candles written on the outside with drawing of small bug, this is a great conversation starter. Once you open up the larger box inside is a small brown box mine came wrapped in a white and black polka dot ribbon. You could start to smell the candles even with the box still closed. On the bottom of the box is a sticker with the scent of the candles inside along with a warning label. The company states that the candles should last about 3 hours for each one.  They also included a sample of the itty bitty hearts which I found to be very cute and kept on my night table. 

I placed my two candles on a small plate to help give them a cute feel when I burned them. The candles do in fact look like little colored macaroons.  The wicks are already cut down to the perfect length.  The candles stand about 3 inches high, by about 4 inches wide. They are small and could go in a girl’s room for a great smelling decoration. Even when they are not being burned the scent is great, but make sure they know not to eat them.  They smell exactly like sweet pink lemonade. The scent when being burned is so strong it quickly fills a room, and can actually fill a few rooms by the time they are done burning.  I burned mine all the way the first time I lit them, but I did burn them one at a time. They melt down very nicely, but I would advise putting them on a plate or something else you don’t mind scraping or even throwing out.  It took about two and half hours to burn all the way. 

Overall I would buy these again, even at full price of 12.00 for two.  The scent and cute decorative purpose of these candles make them a great asset for any home with young girls or those who like a sweeter scent.  They last for a few hours and the scent lasts for a few more after the candle has long been gone. I plan to buy many more of these and branch out with the other cute designs of candles.

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