Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Bee's Great Finds for Spoiling

Another great handmade find is a small shop in Wyoming. They hand make a variety of well-made and great scented products, these range from lotions to bubble baths. They have a variety of scents from sweet and tropical, to classy and floral.  You can find this wonderful shop at .  Some of my personal favorite scents provided by Busy Bee is Vanilla Pear, Strawberry Patch, and even the Pink Sugar. All of these lines are available in different products online for sale, my all-time favorite scent is monkey farts but sadly you can’t buy it online yet, but if you email them I’m sure they would accommodate.

One of the first items I have from this shop that I love is the body butter; you pay ten dollars for an 8 Oz plastic container. This may not seem like a whole lot but a little of this stuff goes a long way. I found that using it on my legs once a day, the container would last me for about two to three months. The body butter has a very slick and creamy feeling that soaks nicely into the skin.  It can leave a slightly oily feeling but when wearing shorts it helps add a wonderful shine to your skin making it look bright and moisturized. The feeling of being moisturized lasted longer than most name brand lotions; I found it helped make my skin lush for hours.  It leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and a beautiful shine that many name brands try but can’t quite back up.  Online the body butter comes in the following scents: Almond Coconut, Pink Sugar, Coco Mango, Bare Naked, Love Spell, "Sexy”, and Mango Papaya.  Each of these scents comes with a unique combination to create a truly memorable experience, my favorite for this is the Pink Sugar which has a very sweet smell, it consists of scents similar to a candy store in my mind but with a hint of maturity that grabs you.   If you like a bit more of a “mature” scent I would recommend the Love Spell, or even the Sexy, both of these have an older less sweet but still tantalizing scent. 

I’m a self-proclaimed bubble bath junkie, and I have gotten hooked on the one from Busy Bee. The bubble bath comes in a 17 Oz glass bottle with a lovely label from Busy Bee. The bubble baths they make have a strong scent that lasts on your skin even after you have stepped out of the tub. It creates just the right amount of bubbles, I use about 3 tablespoons and put it under the water as it runs, and it creates a nice thick layer of bubbles that kids will even enjoy. The bubbles do pop fast and don’t last after you pour it in, but the bubbles do leave your skin feeling smooth and supple after you step out.  If you have young girls who love sweet fruity smells the Strawberry Patch scent is great to make bath time a bit more fun. If you are looking for a bubble bath for yourself I would recommend leaning toward the French Lavender scent, it is great for relaxing after a long day of work. The bubbles may not last long but the great scent and how moisturized your skin comes out that the bubbles not lasting long is a small price to pay.  

The sugar scrub made by Busy Bee comes in an 8 Oz plastic container for nine dollars a jar. Much like the body butter the sugar scrub seems to last forever.  It is made from of course sugar, but also has moisturizers in it that go a long way.  It’s great for use before a big date and you want your skin to be super soft, It helps to scrub away any of the dead skin that may be difficult to get off normally. I would suggest using it in the shower because the residue can stick to you if you use it in the bath and don’t get out right away.  It does leave a bit of a heavy residue on the skin that has a slightly oily feel but using a body wash after helps to get rid of this feeling. It does help to leave the skin smooth, and very soft.   Much like the body butter it leaves your skin with a slight sheen helping add to the glow you want to achieve.  The only problem I had with this product was if you let the inside of the container wet it can cause the sugar to get more “crunchy” versus the more smooth texture that makes it easy to use.  I would recommend this one mainly for the older crowd due to the sugar kids may feel the need to try and taste it. This also comes in a variety of scents ranging from sweet to sultry, if you are in a rush in the mornings and need a good pick me up the energy scent does seem to have a good ability to help get you to wake up faster and be more alert.   I like to make full sets in scents so to keep it strong all the way through the day.

Busy Bee is a small shop in Green River, Wyoming that has a lot to offer. If you are in town stopping by their small shop you may find a great corset set to match that new sultry scent you just picked out. If you are a bit further away ordering online is a great way to support for small shops that have a lot to offer. I only hit the tip of the ice burg with great products this store offers.

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